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Your Profile

Your Profile: Yes, we are rather demanding in the level of information we request. That is because people who collaborate on our platform are demanding in their choices of team-mates. We suggest taking aa bit of time to fill it out. What would you say are your strong points?

Protection of Ideas

Protection of Ideas: protect your Intellectual Property or other ideas with a Non Disclosure Agreement, Joint Development Agreement, Material Transfer Agreement and/or and Patent Filings where possible.

Partner Compensation

Partner Compensation: use partnership agreements, like a Joint Development Agreement, Shareholder Agreements or Supplier Agreements to define compensation (revenue split or fee for service).

Task Management

Task Management: the standard way to run a collaboration project is on 3 levels: Phases (6 standard ones are provided for you), Activities (areas within each phase to succeed) and Tasks (specific actions within each Activity)

Document Security

Document Security: we suggest you file any super-sensitive documents on your personal hard drive, not in our Documents section. Our system is very secure, but unfortunately noone can guarantee 100% security.